so don’t miss out, visit us AT the Festival!!!

Greek Food items  –  Items in blue available thru online ordering. 

Pastitsio – one serving. Baked macaroni layered with ground meat and cheese topping. $ 5.50

Spanakopita – one serving. Spinach with feta cheese and herbs baked in layers of filo. $ 5.50

Greek Meatballs – A favorite with “kids of all ages” !!. $ 5.00

Dolmades – serving consists of 4. Rice, ground beef, and herbs rolled in tasty grape leaves. $ 5.50

1/2 Chicken – Chicken Baked “Greek Style” Seasoned w/oregano, lemon juice, herbs and spices. Served with Rice Pilak, a Greek salad and a roll $ 12.50

Lamb Greek Style  – Delight your taste buds! served with a Greek salad, Rice Pilaf and a roll. $ 14.50

Greek Salad – Needs no description; you’ll love it! $ 6.50

Gyro Sandwich – Sliced beef and lamb served on pita bread with Tzatziki sauce, chopped lettuce & tomato ahh ….so tasty! $ 7.50

Lunch Combination Plate – Pastitsio, Spanakopita, Dolmades, Meatballs,  Rice Pilaf and Roll. *Available for lunch only. $ 10.00 – add a salad $3

Dinner Combination Plate –  Pastitsio, Spanakopita, Dolmades, Meatballs. Served with a Rice Pilaf and roll. $ 12.00 – add a salad $3


Greek Pastries  –  Items in blue available thru online ordering

More single and bulk pastry options are available at the festival. 

Baklava – Pecans & spices baked in layers of filo -a traditional treat!  6 for $10

Diples – Fried filo dough dipped in honey syrup. Topped with nuts. $4.50 each

Kourabiedes – Butter cookies topped w/powdered sugar- a favorite!  6 for $5

Koulourakia – Butter cookies – good to dip in coffee!! $ 4.00 per dozen

Kataife – Shredded filo filled w/ chopped nuts, spices and honey syrup – so delicious! 6 for $15

Flogeres – Nuts, butter and spices baked in layers of phyllo with chocolate drizzled on top –  6 for $12

Loukoumades– Honey puffs sprinkled w/cinnamon and nuts – hot & delectable! Loukoumades are not available at drive thru or via online ordering(sorry). Cooked in peanut oil  $ 3.00

DiplesNuts, butter and spices baked in thin sheet phyllo  $4.50 each

Finikia– Honey dipped spice cookie! 6 for $10.00

Pecan Queens – another version of  the delicious Baklava  6 for $12

don’t miss out, visit us at the Festival!!!


Pick up at Drive Up Window on West Henry Lane behind the Hellenic Center

Location: 14 West Anderson Street, Savannah, GA 31401   Map it

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